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TV Series “Utopia” is an it is extremely original, and at the same time it is metaphorical. The main characters were never familiar before, but thanks to the online forum they can communicate without restrictions.
Once in the same forum, Jessica, Ben and Ian get access to a fantastic manuscript that tells about the tragedies of the past and the future.
The author of this manuscript is a mad writer who spent most of his life in a psychiatric hospital. It was there that the novel was created, which describes in detail and in detail the catastrophes that have recently occurred with society. To know about them the author could not, and hence, the predicted tragedies from the future can come true to the full.
Global catastrophes, incredible disasters, hurricanes and wars – all this should soon overtake humanity, and only five of the strange guys from the Internet forum know about this. Between them, now and then, there are conflicts on this ground, and personal relationships hinder the normal analysis of the situation. Ever since the guys started their investigation, their normal life has been left in the distant past, and this awareness makes young people nervous.
They can not remain silent, therefore they decide to unite in order to tell the world about impending cataclysms. That’s only the active activity of the protagonists in the prevention of a catastrophe, attracts the attention of some secret organization. Members of this organization want to silence the only ones who know what the future is for the world.
To survive, Jessica and her new friends have to hide. They themselves had never even dreamed of espionage chases with a risk to life, working the most common clerks. Now the main characters have to investigate state secrets under the stamp secretly. Despite the fact that the novel seems extremely realistic, no one believes in the implementation of terrible forecasts. That’s why the main characters have to rely only on themselves.
How did the future mankind be predicted in this manuscript, and why are the main characters trying to shut up, despite their good intentions?

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