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“Events of the series “”Eyewitness “” take place in Tivoli a provincial town located in the state of new York.
An undercover FBI agent infiltrates a gang of heroin dealers. Together with accomplices it needs to kill the big guy, which is kept in the trunk, but doesn’t want to cross the line, therefore, cuts the tape at the hands of the prisoner and agrees to give him the gun. However, the “”victim”” deals with everyone in the house in the woods, including the Savior.
Unfortunately, there are hidden two guys, Philip Shea and Lucas Waldenbuch. They cut down the attacker and run away, but Lucas does not want to tell anyone about what happened, because he is afraid that everyone will know that he is gay.
Philip is more open, but does not argue with the man, while the murderer is still at large and saw his face. Shea is now in a difficult period, as the mother drug addict temporarily deprived of parental rights, and he is in the care of Sheriff Helen Torrens and her husband.
Triple homicide attracts the FBI, but Helen wants more than them. Philip could shed light on the tragedy, but the hero of prudence and courage?”