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“Fantastic adventures of star travelers “”Star Trek: Voyager”” -that’s what once again offers the viewer the author of a series of film project “”Star Trek””. The continuation of the story finds the characters in 2371. Voyager space station was under repair for a long time. A different kind of failure was able to occur as quickly as planned by the engineers. Still, the ship returned to your system. Working condition was provided by a team of true professionals. These people deserve the attention of the audience, though remained behind the scenes. Now the crew of the spaceship can begin to perform the next mission. The resulting task is associated with the need to find another ship, wandering in the vast Universe. Team station “”Maki”” is leading battle with terrorists from outer space. The cardassians need to be wiped out of the face of the Galaxy before they can do any worse than they already did. The restoration of peace and justice is what many cosmic entities are fighting for.
By accident or did someone design both spacecraft are in a kind of square where there is the anomaly space. How should behave people who find themselves in such a difficult situation? Natural panic, fear, excitement and despair that’s what we should see on the screen. But instead, we have a different picture. Our characters are full of courage and bravery to fight the circumstances.
The reason for this is the belonging of each of the crew members to a special caste of space explorers. These people are not panic-stricken or threatened by such circumstances and situations. It is sober behavior in extreme conditions that helps our heroes to remain unharmed. Special training, preparation and various simulations of such conditions were conducted for the crew long before the first flight. Now our brave men are not afraid of such spatial pits.
The only thing that concerned the crew of both spacecraft is to study new life forms which created this spatial anomaly. How promising is the study of the found object outside its native environment? The answers to this question from our travelers are still in the embryonic stage. Confidence that the way home will be found, is present at all team members”