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“The crime theme will be thoroughly revealed in the series “”Mob City”” offered to the filmmakers. American society only had time to breathe a sigh of relief after participating in a world war. But in a moment new difficulties began already inside the state. If the battle with the enemy, which represents the interests of another country, does not cause internal protests, then hidden in the heart of America, the enemy is much more difficult to calculate. The caveat is that there are no obvious signs of danger, distinctions or other identifying symbols or actions. Integrated into the system of American society a citizen or a group of persons that pose a threat of undermining from within, unable to conduct his activity in the underground for quite a while. And only within the leaders of the moment there is a burst, the output of the emotion out, a show of force to others and claim to power.
Criminal American world develops gradually. For the possession of power requires not agents-lived, and reliable people on which to rely. For this reason, the mafia is in no hurry to come to the surface. Representatives of law enforcement system guess about existence and development of mafia system. But they have no good reason to stir up this hornet’s nest as on this mission any instructions from above don’t arrive. The subtlety lies in the fact that criminal persons are fluent in the techniques of psychological pressure, blackmail, bribery. The effectiveness of these people is not in doubt. Some authorities mafia cooperation agreement other do not agree with the presence of crime in American society) eliminate the most subtle ways.
The show goes it is about this confrontation between the police and criminals of America. The conflict will drag on for decades to come. How will this relationship be crowned? Our film fans already guess what can wait for them in the final part of the series. But the authors have prepared a lot of surprises for those who like to talk about the only possible way to complete the events. There is not so unambiguous, so there is still hope for justice and a peaceful solution to this global problem for America hidden threat. So all same, good or evil will triumph in this great country democracy?”