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Allison is a wonderful mother of two children and an exemplary wife, her life is filled with happiness and harmony. A woman works as a detective, so she often has to go on dangerous missions to track down criminals. Once the heroine of the series in a bundle / blood ties learns that her brother was a member of a brutal robbery. She is faced with a difficult life choice: to protect a relative and help him escape from prison or adhere to the principle of justice, because every criminal must be punished. The situation is complicated by the fact that the woman’s brother is raising two teenage children, who after his imprisonment will remain completely alone. Allison decides that he will not protect a relative and will remain honest with himself. As a result, the offender is behind bars, and his children fall under the close attention of guardianship. A woman cannot allow teenagers to be left alone and take them to her family. Children are in a transitional age, so they are absolutely uncontrollable and are not going to listen to his aunt. Teenagers hate Allison because she took their father. So happy life of the heroine in an instant turns into chaos and turmoil, now every day there are scandals and conflicts with nephews, which eventually leads to problems and lack of understanding with her husband and children. In addition, women need to cope with their duties. Will Allison go back to my old life?