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Events serial Icelandic detective “Hamarinn (The Cliff) ” occur in our time. However, they reveal to us the secrets of the ancient beliefs of the Icelanders in mystical creatures and evil spirits. Mountain works on an ancient rock begin near the small Icelandic village. But why do the locals fear this fact? The matter is that according to local belief this rock a sacred place which it is impossible to disturb. And indeed, with the beginning of mining, different tragic situations begin to occur. In the village there is an unexplained electrical phenomenon-the moon Urda, considered the harbinger of death. Indeed, in the house which the moon appears Urda, is a tragedy. Snory, living in this house, under strange circumstances falls from a cliff in an excavator. But, perhaps, mystical events occurring around cliff there is another, more realistic explanation? Local police is unable to give an answer to this question in this complicated case will try to understand a young FBI agent Inga and experienced detective Helgi.