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“Comprehensive balance of good and evil is one of the most important conservation laws for peace and stability of the universe. It is in order to create a counterweight to the forces of evil, in ancient times, a decision was made to create a kind of police squad the guardians of the cosmos. Each of the characters received as a combat weapon ring that can give its owner incredible power and hit enemies. It is about the hard work of the guardians of the cosmic order and tells the new animated series “”Green Lantern: Animated series””.
The protagonist of the series, Hal Jordan, is a green lantern sector 2814. To patrol the area he was assisted by his constant companion Kilowog. But the forces of evil do not sleep. A former green lantern named Sinestro makes insidious plans to seize power in the universe. Red lanterns make criminal plans.
It’s time for the green lanterns to unite and oppose the enemies of a United front. Therefore, Jordan decides to assemble a squad and calls his faithful friends: guy Gadner, John Stewart and Kyle Rainer. When all the green lights come in a decisive battle, their combined force must become invincible. Otherwise the universe will not be saved…”