Beauty and the Beast (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

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“Dramatic Thriller “”Beauty and the Beast””, shot on the basis of the popular project of the same name 80-ies. Police detective Catherine Chandler is investigating the most dangerous cases in new York city, along with mysterious assistant Vincent Keller.
Katherine Chandler works for the NYPD and knows his business. The choice of profession was influenced by a long incident in which her mother was killed by robbers. Young Catherine from death saved a strange creature that she mistook for a monster. Years have passed,now Chandler herself is on guard. One of the investigations leads her to Vincent Keller, who’s been thought dead for years. But as it turned out, this man alive and well, all of this time him accounted for be withheld from people from-for features of its looks. What’s behind Keller’s past? Watch the TV series “”Beauty and the beast”” in the voice LostFilm, and you will find answers to all questions.
The detective discovers that in Afghanistan young Vincent was subjected to secret medical experiments that changed his genetic structure is the Keller angry, he turns into a ferocious werewolf with incredible power. In this state, Vincent has a hard time controlling himself. He wants to get rid of the mutation that turns him into a monster, and he’s looking for a cure that can help him. Keller reveals the secret only Chandler, and she will not tell anyone, in turn Vincent becomes her assistant in the investigation of dangerous crimes, and his ability to more than once will provide a service to the girl and help avoid death in future battles.
The television series “”Beauty and the beast”” translated by LostFilm is an action Packed melodrama, in the center of which there are two different people, but experiencing the strongest feelings for each other. The longer Katherine is talking with Vincent, the closer are their relationships continue over time, a great love. In addition to the novel component of the series is full of detective stories. Each series a new complex business, the solution of which the heroes fight together.”