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Season 1 of TV serial “The American West” describes events after civil war when active land-reclamation was carried out and a new strata arose. The former confederates did not reconcile with defeat and are were ready to carry and use their weapon even outside the battle-field. Population migrated westward actively. During thirty years more than four hundred thirty million acres of ground were reclamated. At the end of civil war Jesse James served as a part of a frontier military group. The partisan and wild methods of battle conduct were approved here. James after victory of Union was not able to get used to a peaceful life. He and his comrade-in-armss considered that this result is an intermediate one. Therefore Grant had send to the south even more people who prevented the new war from bursting out. Then former soldiers became criminals. All of them considered tough guys, but their lives were short. The constructed railway had to connect two parts of the country and to help in its further reclamation. However leader of the six tribe from plains, Furious Horse, tried to stop invasion of settlers on sacred territories of the indians of new settlers. Thus moving up westward it was necessary to fight in many directions and the cost of conquering of every acre of ground was measured not in gold but in human lives. A serial is made in the combined style when “reconstruction of events” is commented the by the researchers and known actors. “The American West”TV show will explain you how reclamation proceeded.

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