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Welcome to a town called Mount Trace. Tourists sometimes come here. One thing is not clear – what they have forgotten here. Although, as if for them they built a magnificent hotel here that looks more like a cottage. Local guests often come to the delight of a first look at the apartment, but with horror leave this place after a few days. The point here is the local service personnel. These people are always looking for an opportunity to have fun. Yes, with a sense of humor, they have everything in perfect order. That’s just not always guess what the guests really need. It seems that most of them have the unique property of putting each of the representatives of the working group in an awkward position. The whims of visitors are difficult to accomplish when you absolutely do not understand what is required of you. Sometimes it also happens that a real enmity flares up between the visitors themselves, so that the servants have to find a common language between each of the warring parties to at least somehow agree. That is why funny and really funny situations happen with enviable regularity! Let’s see what happens next! Enjoy watching!