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Winona is the name of a young and charming girl who has mystical abilities. She is a relative of the famous man who many years ago maintained order in a small town of the Wild West. In this place there were huge deposits of gold, so it attracts adventurers and fans of easy money. Brave and determined great-grandfather Winona throughout life bravely defended the city from the attacks of criminals. The girl had inherited from his relative character and courage, but in a slightly different version – the heroine can accurately determine any evil spirits, even if a demon disguised as a human or become invisible. Almost from childhood the girl leads the hunt for monsters, ruthlessly cracking down on them, but each time the demons are becoming more cunning and clever.
the Heroine of the series \”Vayona ERP\” has a team of like-minded people who help her in important tasks, and in her spare time she does not mind hanging out with friends. In addition, Winona inherited from her great-grandfather not only mystical abilities, but also love for quality whiskey, so after a successful hunt and just at any opportunity, the girl is applied to the bottle with a strong drink. The heroine can go to a party, and then, having cheered up whiskey, move to the local cemetery, where she will fight with bloodthirsty demons.