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“In the series “”Riese: Kingdom Falling”” Riese is a world filled with questionable morals and political intrigues. Loyalty here is an empty word, people are suspicious. However, it was not always so. It all started with the peaceful Elysian state. It flourished under the rule of Empress Kara and Emperor Wilrick until a coup d’état staged by the Sect changed the course of history. Amara, the cousin of Empress Kara, ascended to the throne. She immediately began to use power and wealth Elision to colonize the world. But even, despite all its power, ominous, mysterious, religious group had over her power. Calling themselves a Sect, they declared themselves the official religion of Elise and began to increase their influence as the borders of the state expanded.
After the coup, the earth began to wither away, resources dwindle, the hearts of the people had less compassion. The darkest sides of humanity began to manifest themselves.
But there’s hope. A mysterious traveler accompanied by a wolf wanders through the devastated lands. Persecuted by the Sect for heresy, they go from capture, in the way of helping those in need. Reese needs to get away, to find out her past and her destiny, to bring peace in the undying lands.
And once peaceful Elysian will become battleground.”