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Series “Rectify” is about a senior school pupil who has been murdered two decades ago. Up to her age she had sexual relations with everyone she could reach. Daniel Holden was the last to have sex with her. He was condemned to capital punishment and spent 19 years in a cell of condemned to death for rape and murder. Every day of death expecting along with mastering of Buddhist techniques of staying detached from the world and reading the other books from prison library. After long appeals, Daniel’s lawyer managed to find the new evidences of his innocence. Daniel is not happy to return into the world again. Many citizens of the city consider him a killer who was not executed by mistake only. Relatives of former sentenced to death does not even know how to react on this and communicate with him. During some decades the world has changed, and Daniel has been neither a participant nor a witness of these changes. “Rectify” is about making a brand new system of living the life when nothing else is left.