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“Black sails” is a series based on Robert Stevenson’s “Treasure island”. Its main character is old good Captain Flint and his crew who takes John Silver as a new member into that dangerous and adventurous community. John has managed to find a map of Spanish galleon with the way to treasures on it. This time on, all the crew is keen on gold and is ready to cut their (and other’s) throats to get to it. Flint will have to fight a powerful royal army for independence of Providence island. This show promises to be rich in jokes, surprising changes and wicked plots, along with burden of responsibility for TV show’s characters. There will be several love lines for some key leads. You will learn if the beloved will be on the ship to share difficulties of nomadic life, or will look for other options. Flint has set his mind to find the treasures, but there are many others who wold like to get a share more that they are supposed to. Plus, there will be crew members who are interested either in power or in raining on the captain’s parade. In any way, “Black Sails” will not let you sleep calmly.