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“American Gods” is a filming of Neil Gaiman’s eponymous novel, the author took part in the series production as well. The creation itself is a combination of mythology and nowadays, several plots and epochs, mass culture and fantasy. Shadow Moon, the main lead of the story, is a reserved and silent person who is having his term in prison. He is being informed that his wife deceased due to car accident and released. Moon arrives at his beloved wife’s funeral. Before that he met a quirky person who knows so much information about the man, that should be at least his very close friend. But the next seat passenger is the person whom Moon sees the first time. Mr. Wednesday, Odin’s reincarnation, new Moon’s acquaintance, suggests him to accompany the journey. His aim is to gather all the other gods in order to take part in a grand battle that is yet to occur. The old deities have to overcome the new ones – technologies, mass culture, Internet and television. In “American Gods” we will see Loki, Kali, Anubis and other deities of the ancient myths of many cultures.