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In the “Star Trek: Discovery” season 2 amazing scale of the movement across the universe we have to make in the company of the main characters of the film. The world of this fantasy is so fascinating that you will not want to break away from watching the film for a minute.
The space platform, in its appearance resembling a real ship-flying station, moves at high speed, but even this does not stop us from wanting to be on Board the ship, plowing the galactic latitudes.
“Discovery” is unique. All other ships resemble toy ships in comparison with our transport vessel. The long-term journeys are transferred by the crew without significant complications, as the ship has all the resources to adapt to the conditions of Space and adjust the health status. Perhaps modern film fans will not understand how all the systems on discovery work, but we should not forget that the film has a fantastic focus. Much of what we will be able to see on the screen is only the result of the rich imagination of the authors, has nothing to do with those real data and the behavior of space objects in terms of large-scale travel from one planet to another.
The heroes of the film project are fictional characters who love space adventures, love to conduct unusual experiments, ready to sacrifice their own lives for the greatest galactic discoveries. The crew will be forced to make all decisions on their own, as the connection with the main station, where this space flight is regulated, is not stable.
But members of a single group of researchers of space laws and phenomena are optimistic and determined. Readiness to bring any mission to the victorious final is felt in every action of the team. All processes are clear, professional, aimed at creation, discovery, accumulation of data.

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