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The focus of the plot of the series are Lina and Martin. The main characters together for a long time. It seems that their every day is something similar to the previous one. In the relationship is clearly not enough lights, feelings, emotions and passion. However, the main characters do not worry about this. They are confident that future stability in the family is ensured by children, as well as good incomes at work. Love is no longer so passionate and bright between the main characters, and the little things associated with each other’s characters begin to irritate rather than attract. True, Lena and Martin are focused on raising children. They really love their girls very much and dream so that they can grow up smart and happy. Spouses continue to feel that their relationship has deteriorated. Suddenly, a man and a woman divorce, but continue to live together in a cozy family nest. Martin watches his daughters for one week, and the other he goes to the basement, where he enthusiastically takes care of his business while Elena is in charge of education. It seems that the separation and divorce helped the characters to recover from the shackles that constrained them during the marriage. Their relationship unexpectedly goes to a new level!

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Episode 18

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