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“In the series “”The Kill Point”” the main character Mr. Wolfe, who after the war in Iraq became the leader of the group, it consisted of the same veterans, like the hero himself. But that’s the kind of activity the boys had to change.
Once the heroes decided to Rob a large Pittsburgh Bank, but in the midst of the robbery something went wrong. It was at this point members of the group decided to take hostages, even though it was not in their plans. The people who were taken hostage were representatives of different sectors of society. Among them was the daughter of an influential businessman. It is this fact that attracts the police, who are ordered to act quickly and accurately. Now, Mr. Wolfe needs to calm down and make the right decisions about team behavior. After all, the members of the group are already beginning to be nervous, which means that their leader must make every effort to restore order and make the necessary conclusions.
On the other hand is Horst Cali, a veteran of the police Department. The authorities turned to him for help, because he is the best agent who has the inherent skill in negotiating. And now everyone can only hope that Horst will be able to convince wolf that he released the hostages.”