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Billions series is about rivalry of attorney general Chuck Rhoades and a successful Wall-Street specialist in finance Bobby Axelrod. The latter one has built his empire from zero, having miraculously survived after 9/11. He lost all of his colleagues and friends, became known for firefighter and police office donations and other initiatives that contributed enormously to the town’s welfare. Bobby has a happy marriage with Lara. This couple is a close-knit team who share the same values and bring up two children. Chuck, in his turn, gets a piece of information about illegal insiders’ trade. Attorney, who was brought up in a rich family, understands that the person of such a social hierarchy level as Axelrod has many mysteries that is more difficult to crack than the mediocre people’s secrets. Any vague accusation will cast a shadow on law representative’s reputation. The whole situation is complicated with his spouse’s work as a psychologist in Axelrod’s company. Wendie’s boss is a friend whom she trusts as well. In the drama TV show “Billions” one will watch provoking big game of Rhoades versus Axelroad’s rationality and analytic capabilities. It will be the rivalry that will result in war