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The criminal activities the future influential drug lord Pablo Escobar began with theft and fraud in childhood. After he moved to racketeering, armed raids and kidnapping. When Pablo formed a powerful group, he decided to expand in the direction of the most promising and bottomless market – supply of Colombian cocaine to the United States, where the main problem of the Anti-drug unit to this point were just good-natured hippie with marijuana. American Narcos made rich the young Pablo and gave him unlimited power at home, where the drug lord, thanks to his investment in the local economy, has become a real hero. Along with several influential colleagues Escobar creates Medellín Cartel, buys all sorts of techniques for smuggling to the north and offers a lot of laboratories for the production. Pablo always achieves the desired at all costs, giving potential victims a choice between receiving a bribe and a bullet in the head. Narcos season 2 will tell us more about the adventures of this person.