Kong: King of the Apes (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

There are directors and directors are – losers. It is to the filmmakers – the hindmost attitude Karl, who for his director’s life did not remove more than one story, but news reached him that on an island inhabited by a giant gorilla, which was called the King – Kong. Deciding to try his luck, he gathered his film crew, sent to the island. Once on the island, they found that the giant ape is really living on the island, but to get to it, you must go through thickets of wild jungle, which are full of dangers and mysteries. It is also the island is teeming with huge variety of insects, dinosaurs and humans. But the people there are far from civilization, their life is according to the laws of the jungle and they are trying to grab our heroes. Many dangers waiting for them, but the man is able to curb even the most ferocious creature in front of them waiting for a memorable and dangerous adventure!

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