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Series “Between” is about a small town with population of about eight thousand people. Life here is calm and peaceful, and there are no signs of disaster. When couple of people die, no suspicions arise. But when it grows into succession of deaths, there is a breakthrough of panic in and out of the town. Population drastically increases to five thousands. All the world learns about disaster of Wonderful Lake. The town is gradually turning into a large cemetery, corpses are just gathered in one big pile and burnt. Locals can not understand what is going on, policemen can not answer any questions as well. Later the town is surrounded with iron border and isolated from the other part of world. Epidemic victims are the people over 22 years. Only adolescents, teenagers and children have left. They learn what losses are and have nothing else except keep living on in isolation. They will have chance to learn what has happened even if they live “Between” life and death.