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As a student, clay Jensen does not want to remember about school days. The thing is that the teenager fell in love with Hannah Baker, a pretty girl who committed suicide. Parents, plunged into shock, could not understand the rash decision of his daughter, could not catch the motives and the guy in love with her. A new stage of life went smoothly until the hero found a strange box at the porch of the house. In it lay in a dozen numbered cassettes. Clay began to reproduce them and recognized the voice of the deceased Hannah. The girl said that these recordings contain 13 reasons that prompted her to suicide. She also added that the one who listens to this recording is one of the key factors of suicide or simply involved in it. Tormenting himself with painful thoughts, the student began to collect information about the motives that could force Hannah to do the irreparable. Clay begins to search for other people who received the same parcel. What secrets did the girl take with her, and which left thirteen people from her inner circle?