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In the witty, original comedy “The Good Place” the lead’s name is Eleanor Shellstrop. She is an absolutely mediocre woman who but she after a line of intricate unusual events gets in the world of the dead. And there she gets to know that during her earth life she definitely was not the best among the humans. It is what her wise mentor explains to her later. But he does not merely informs about this fact but wishes to make his ward a better than she were, to correct her. He will try to correct his student’s character and explain what were the wrong deeds he did during her life. He is very good at what is good and what is bad because he hasn’t done almost any bad action. Owing to her teacher-of-everything Eleanor decided to renounce from her former life and try to become a surprising (or at least a very good) person. But to correct her character turns to be not that simple, and every new attempts in “The Good Place” turns into one more comic situation.