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A plot twist when the character experiences memory problems and don’t have the slightest idea who he is and what his past was, is a beaten one. But it is a great basis for a gripping series in general. In “Blindspot” main lead’s name is Jane Dow. In the USA it is the common name of all the dead or alive women whose identity was not found. This Jane is alive but her memory is like the memory of a new-born child. Absolutely blank. Total “Blindspot”. She regained consciousness at Times Square and could explain nothing to her and the people around. Police became interested in many enigmatic tattoos all over the young woman’s body. FBI, having learnt about the tattoos, took the case. This institution’s analytics suggested that body pictures can somehow be related to worldwide wikid plot. Curt Weller, FBI agent, is to have this case. The matter is that his name is among the Jane’s tattoos as well. Jane has nothing to do but to help him and to hope to get to know her real name and find herself.