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“Shannara Chronicles”, fantasy TV series is about civilization of humans that perished, but the humanity itself managed to survive. Destructed skyscrapers and ivy-twined bridges are one of few remembrances about the past. Now life in what has once been North America looks absolutely different. The continent was divided in four parts, every mythological nation lives in the one that belongs to them. People, dwarves, trolls and elves watch their borders lad live in accordance with their rules. The main characters are elves of a glorious Shannara lineage that was always outstanding because of its bravery. Its descendants will have to prove this fame one more time in a doomsday that is yet to come. And elves is the only race that can save the world from this thread. “Shannara Chronicles” will show many extreme dangers and various encounters that will show the true face of elf race.