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Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Mimi Kennedy, Jaime Pressly, Beth Hall



In “Mom” season 6 Christy is a simple girl who works in a chic restaurant. The heroine has never had a special mind and outstanding appearance, but the determination and self-confidence allowed her to get a job in the NAPA valley. Here make great wine, so the local restaurants often meet delighted customers who are willing to pay any money for an expensive meal. The girl also believes that you need to be responsible even as a waitress. In addition, the heroine is a convinced sober woman, who, despite the conversations of her mother-an alcoholic, tries to keep herself in her hands. In addition, the life of the main character is no different than something outstanding. She tries to make things on the personal front, where relations are built with a man who is married. Difficulties at work are supported by a conflict with the chief. Besides, strained relations with colleagues at work constantly questioning the competency of Kristi in her position. However, the cheerful girl finds friends and friends who have no problems getting her out of scrapes. Who would have thought that the main character of this series will be so close to happiness, but at the last moment everything will go wrong again, because family Affairs will once again begin to get in the way and invest their contribution to the life of the main character. A complicated relationship with a maturing daughter adds fuel to the fire. Violet is a beautiful girl, but for some reason she tries to find her soul mate as soon as possible, so she comes across real jerks on the way. Among them is the guy Luke, who Christy is considered a typical fool, incapable of anything. Let’s see what will happen in the fifth season!


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Episode 6

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