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Everything happens at a usual American school. Everyone got used to conflicts between students and intrigues between teachers. Even hostility between teachers is a usual matter. In an HBO TV series “Vice Principals” season 2 we will see the same story in the teaching department. Lee Russell and Neal Gamby hate each other. They are complete oppositions. Thick and slipshod Neal is absolutely sure that he is better then elegant and stylish Lee. War becomes especially cruel, when a fight for principal’s arm-chair breaks off. in protagonists tease each other, fight, mock and make the opponent’s life worse in front of amazed teachers and students. It would seem two adult men should no behave in such a way. But all the means are good in war. Neal is not loved supported at school. His attitude toward the work shocks colleagues. In series “Vice Principals” Gamby will show all his negative features. In a fight after power everybody reveal their true ego. Even Lee Russell who wears a pink coat and is liked by students. bet on Russell, but Gamby not give up . All at school consider him a frank bootlicker and toady, an absolute social climber and scoundrel. An absurd fight with black humor tendency provided a considerable support for this TV show.