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The criminal world as a mirror image of law-abiding society is presented in the series “The sopranos”. There are in the world of drugs, criminals, bullies, thugs who are breathing down our neck, chest and back, living its unknown fate. They have a worm-eaten thoughts, criminal plans, their laws, concepts, heroes and leaders. The Sopranos the family of the Italian mafia, who settled in the North of the state of new Jersey, leads his everyday life of crime in front of millions of viewers. Unique krovi-for most people exotic, consisting of violence, nudity, obscene and rude expressions bosses mafia, ubiquitous drugs and called the shots. Cultural phenomenon in a new way describes life inside the mafia structures of the United States, expanding Puritan morality. On the first frame of the series “the Sopranos” we see lovely people, is only a nodding acquaintance with the main characters of the series, the actors who appease naive, at first glance, appear before an audience of ordinary folk, which millions. Men nothing special stand out from the crowd, is that its steel core, uncompromising character, charisma and unprecedented cruelty.