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The TV series “Rome” in season 1 brings a viewer back in 52 B.C., time of republic’s flourishing. More than a million of persons live in Rome, this rich city is gradually becoming the symbol of empire’s absolute power. But the basis which the republic was created on collapses under power of money and power. Freedoms and rights stop meaning anything without a substantial reinforcement of good connections in the society and wealth. Enmity between patricians and poor men is growing more intensive. Power (that must belong to all people) is de facto concentrated in the hands of the one who has troops. Julius Caesar returns home after one more victory, and patricians are afraid of him. The senate is ready to take decisive actions in order to barrier Rome from Caesar’s influence who does not have any friends in the city. “Rome” TV series is not a mere exposition of historical events but also a special look at them. The fates of different people are interlaced in a general plot showing all the beauty and horror of that time. Treachery of patricians and indecision of lower strata, ardor of feelings and complication of relations, power of separate people and lawlessness of majority. Is the empire in the verge of collapse? But what will happen next then? Will one man be able to change history? What will be required for this purpose then? Further, watching TV show “Rome” will help you.