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A crime TV show Boardwalk Empire will tell about life of the real gangsters during the period of dry law in America of 20th. Nucky Thompson understands quickly that for having money one has to be able to earn them. He easily creates a shadow empire trading with illegal goods but in public looks and acts as a decent law-abiding citizen. He is betrayed by his relatives – brother Eli and wife Margareth. As time flies, Thompson learn to stand the personal emotional disasters he faces. However, Nucky’s relationship with his wife develop in a very specific way. Is there still a chance to fix everything so that it weren’t so desperate?
Nucky’s business is under threaten of other gangsters’s attacks again. Arnold Rothstein has been dreaming to have Atlantic for a long period, but the fate has made the other finale for him. Criminals from Chicago unanimously agree to get profit in this city. Will Thompson be able to once to carry out the attack again? Will he succeeded in saving the empire of him? Nelson Van Alden, dry law executive agent, is constantly sneaking around Nucky trying to find signs of Thompson’s connections with criminal affairs. That will he do this time? All the details will you know after having watched period TV series Boardwalk Empire.