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The animated series is dedicated to the life of Julian – the same lemur, who in the full-length cartoon \”Madagascar\” cordially allowed escaped from the new York zoo animals to live in his possessions. The events of the 4th season of the cartoon series \”long live king Julian\” unfold before the uninvited guests arrive on the island. The hero recently passed the coronation ceremony and is not tired of his duties. Most of the time, Julian does stupid things without thinking about what’s going on with his subjects. However, something important to the island’s king does. For example, in past seasons, he actively fought with pirates and predatory animals that interfered with the quiet life of the islanders. And in the first series of a new season hero decides a bit pamper their voters and opens a new channel broadcast \”Julian-Vision\”, planning show only the, that interestingly him very. However, very soon lemur will be disappointed: he learns that the animals do not want to watch the program chosen by the king. They are attracted by the reality of the projects that the man himself is annoying. Will he find a way to convince viewers or go on about them?

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