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Actions are a measure of the inner aspirations, thoughts of man, and at the same time help the heavenly authorities to choose a monastery for the afterlife of the soul. Eleanor is convinced that Paradise bonuses will remain inaccessible luxury, if you continue to lead a reckless life. Only a girl’s mind is weaker than fleeting desires. One day the walking beauty wakes up “in the best world season 2” without memories of the last evening. Accident, the helplessness of doctors in front of the victim’s injuries and the agony is forgotten in the splendor of intriguing events. Extremely nice environment accepts newly minted sister in a friendly community. Who are these impossibly kind people?The response is stunning for the dead woman. Today’s neighbors are virtuous angels and noble inhabitants of the planet. The spiritual world of friends is so pure that heaven has ordained them to exist in Paradise. The likeness of an ideal state and takes a notorious sinner, unaware of the vices of the citizen. Good-natured replace curses with funny words, profess the principles of total tolerance and do not think about bad deeds. The antics of the new concubine sometimes cause bewilderment of observers, and the piquant details of her past become the subject of heated discussions. Uzhivutsya whether the controversial guest in an unfamiliar region?

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Episode 12

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