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The plot of Tyrant series could have place in any of the Middle Eastern countries a couple of years ago, where then raged “Arab Spring”. There unfolded riots, either inspired by external forces, or indeed initiated by the discontent of the population. In this TV show it is an averaged state in the Middle East, which is ruled by the true despot who made the residents dream of American democracy coming to their state. At the same time Bassam Al Fayed, the son of the despot, comes to the country. 20 years ago he, being against the tyrannical dad, went to the US, where he got a wife, who gave him two freedom-loving children. And now, after 20 years of exile, Bassam returns to his homeland. It happens not because his father will be soon thrown from the throne, but because he was invited for his nephew’s wedding. In the continuation of the Tyrant TV show the political and social situation of the country becomes even more heated.