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At the airport of John F. Kennedy there lands a strange airplane as it is shown in the Strain season 3. Inside there is complete darkness, side lights are off and nobody goes out of the plane. Wondering strangeness of what is happening, the airport police go to the board and are shocked by the picture. Of the two hundred passengers only four are found alive. Fearing that there was a flash of virus, a team of the city center for the control of infections led by its head Ephraim Gudvezer is involved for the further investigation.

Examining the dead, the scientists found that the aircraft passengers are struck by the virus that has similar features to the ancient and terrible strain of vampirism. This suspicion is justified, when the bodies of the dead begin mysteriously to disappear from the morgue. This means that the epidemic of vampirism threatens to hit not only New York, but also the country as a whole. Virologists led by Eph Gudvezer must find a cure for the plague and while ordinary New Yorkers will have to fight the bloodsuckers day by day in the series The Strain.