Better Things (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

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FX channel has made an order on production of the pilot episode of the comedy called Better Things. The upcoming series is going to tell the story of a single mother who brings up three daughters.  In the series Better Things  adult actress Sam tries to find balance between career children and personal life. She is a single mother with daughters of different ages. The woman always tries to make both ends meet. Thus, she is trying to control her daughters’ lives, searching for some time so that to meet with her friends and even trying to find an opportunity for a date.

The eldest Max hurries to grow up and to try all the forbidden from a weed to sex. She quarrels with everyone and does not obey adults. Middle Frankie searches herself very actively while giving a new portion of discomfort to the others. Duke, the youngest one, demands much attention and is always ready for new hysterics in public if something diverges from her plans. Current issues of Sam are about being filmed in anything just for making money, going to rehearsals not to miss any extra opportunity and to spend a couple of hours in recording while recording animated films. “Better Things” is about her skepticism to relations after a couple of affairs and thoughts about consequences of her actions for the children of hers. It is a visual story about a usual mother with her new problems.