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The major character of the Telly series Baskets is a man named Baskets. Just like all other people he has his own dreams, aspirations and desires. However, his dreams are slightly different from the others by their uniqueness. He confidently goes to the purpose, stumbling on the way and losing faith in himself. The only thing that supports him is the hope and belief that he will become a real clown. Yes, Baskets wants to be not a president, mogul or dentist, but he dreams of becoming a clown. This is quite a strange dream for a man to whom it is time to think about the family, but he thinks for this choice everyone should respect him. The major character of Baskets even decided to get things done on a professional level. Thus, he enters a special school which teaches circus skills. There he has been studying quite a bit as he was kicked out of the school. Would he stop on this or move on to the dream, it would be known from Baskets TV show.