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Duration – XXV century, the place – the solar system and the surrounding area. Space Fleet Officer Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) hard going through a divorce with his wife (Adrianne Palicki), which a year ago caught in bed with a blue alien. Treason is poured for him in the regular abuse of alcohol and other disciplinary offenses. But when fate decides to smile at him, Mercer received the offer to become the Captain of interplanetary research ship “Orville”. Do not have time to newly-born commander to meet with the team, in which the number and the owner of the superpowers, and a representative of same-sex race, as the experiences the first shock: senior assistant at “Orville” assigned to his ex-wife Kelly. Given that the old passion still hot, the newly married couple find out the relationship in the presence of the team, and even in the heat of battle with alien invaders. However, the crew of “Orville” has to stop disassembly, to learn to think outside the box and act together, because it is from these renegades determine the fate of the entire galaxy.