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Actions in this series “The Chicago Code” take place in Chicago, a city full of crime and disorder. A very interesting series that reveals to us from within the police. We are shown all the events from the side as if a passenger sitting in a police car and watching the work of the patrol. In the United States of America, it is possible that an ordinary passenger traveled in a patrol car in different parts of the country and watched the work of the police. So in place of one of the passenger are all spectators of the show. The bottom line is that a well-deserved police veteran named Jarek is Highly very brutal, sharp and cruel inside. It has a very cute and attractive appearance, which allows him to uncover easily numerous crimes. His companions change molnienosno speed. He’s best off working alone. And here comes to power, Teresa Colvin. She is determined and strong to change everything around, to do better and to bring their order. But against it stand a few very powerful enemies. These are two very influential street gangs, a city Alderman and a whole Union of cops. But our steel COP has another partner named Caleb Evers. He is very impulsive, intelligent, energetic, observant and proactive. He highly well can Supplement Jarek’s. Also Jarek is working his niece Vonda Wysocki, who followed the footsteps of his late father, to bring order to the streets of Chicago. Her father died in the line of duty. Vonda falls in love with her partner Isaac Joyner. This is a very young, charming and very risky policeman, who is often too overzealous with a working duty and exposes himself and his girlfriend to great dangers. So it really doesn’t like uncle Sandy Jarek. Ronin Gibbons plays a very important role here. He is a construction tycoon in the past, having a lot of money, and now for quite a long time engaged in politics. He has for many years operated one administrative district and therefore Jarek and Teresa believe that Gibbons covers, using his political connections, crime, which is a larger scale unfolded in the area. The truth of his involvement in the Gibbons all these crimes, the police is not present, but they are desperately trying to find them. And they have some leads on the murder, and they decide to arrest Gibbons, but if they can do it.