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“Making History” makes you think about two main issues – 1. what if a had a time machine? 2.what if I chose another variant instead of (insert some random situation from your life). This series is about thee friends who discover a way of traveling the river of time while making their lives in 2016 much more difficult. Dan, a geeky professor of computer sciences in a local college. He has problems with his personal life, not respected both with his students and colleagues. His intellect solved a practical task only the time when he invented the way of changing everything. He wants to give himself a carte blanche so that to meet miserable unpleasant people that it has happened before. And here we see two Dans – a present one who constantly experiences some difficulties and a cool careless guy in the past. Two Dan’s friends travel with him from Wild West times up to Medieval Europe while “correcting” mistakes. “Making History” will show you what interference with history ends with.