Lucifer (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

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The king of hell “Lucifer” Morningstar having left his throne and feeling bored, unhappy and miserable, decided to go to modern Los Angeles. Having found the “Lux”, fashionable night-club, charming, charismatic and “hot as hell” man enjoys his chic rest – wine, women, music, cars, public’s attention and surrounding that corresponds his status. But once Lucifer becomes a witness of young celebrity’s murder : the girl was shot from the car passing by, when a devil in a man’s embodiment was near. He, naturally, did not suffer, that surprised the policemen who arrived at the crime scene. The protagonist decides to help a charming detective to catch criminals by means of his magic talents. In addition to that, Lucifer experiences pressure from the demons and his father who insists on his returning to hell and fulfilling duties imposed on him.

But now the former ruler of underground reign succeeds in repulsing these verbal attacks and continues blessing out on Earth. In season 2 he starts working as a police consultant. Why not to entertain himself if he possesses a unique ability – everybody tells the truth at his presence. The series “Lucifer” describes devilish life among the mere mortals and consequences it will bear for both the living and the dead.