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The series “Lethal Weapon” is a version of the loved in 80ies-90ies by many people legendary eponymous film. And plot in comparison with the original got significant changes. So, Martin Riggs, Texas cop and ex-marine officer, experiences with terror the loss of his daughter and child. For this reason (but not for passion of place changing) he moves to Los Angeles. This emotionally heart-disabled get as his partner a physically disabled. Black Robert Murtaugh has recently had a micro infarct and now would like to be as far from every possible stress as he may.

The Texas cop seems to him reckless and crazy but he has no options here – they will work together. They seem to be ready to kill each other but it is only the first impression. In “Lethal Weapon” the policemen will have to find something in common. Some common tricks for the sake of catching of criminal – and between the two of them a thin thread of understanding appears. Boldness is a character feature of either of policemen. Martin is not afraid to risk his life because he has lost everything. But is a constabulary service not a one very large emotion?