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The American trilling gripping series “Gotham” takes us to created by Bruno Heller’s genius Universe of comics about Batman. The place of action is Gotham where crime and criminal of various colors and kinds flourish. There is the impression that absolutely all the policemen are bribed here. However, among cops there is the one who is ready to serve good and justice. He is an un experienced inspector James Gordon. Chief of municipal murder department Sara Essen makes Gordon investigate the most notorious case for the time being. Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s and partners Harvey Bullock are arduous things to deal with. But it is one among the countless crimes with that James will have to face with in Gotham. Among his opponents there will be local mafia leader Fisher Mooney and future main city villains – Celina Hacks and Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin. During the case investigation Gordon meets with victims’ son Bruce. He does not even suspect that in the future this child is the one to change James on his position of Gotham’s main defender. The honest and fearless inspector will be the person who will predetermine Bruce Wayne’s fate.