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The series “From Dusk Till Dawn” is a fantastic adventure of two not very good people.But rather the speech in the series will focus on the two brothers robbers Geko.One of the brothers Richard, the other Seth, they’re virtuoso thugs, robbers and generally bad guys.Attacking the Bank and robbing it, they fall into the hands of the feds, but there is a virtuoso escape directly from the courthouse.The brothers realize that they Shine good time, and maybe all the acts and a life sentence.Therefore their road is aimed at Mexico and its gangster clans.Where they are willing to accept for the fact that they share a cent of the stolen. While Richard and Seth away from their pursuers, the feds, the police of the United States of America,where they visit one of the roadside shops.Visiting the store, they take hostage the owners, two girls and a man.Escape ends in Mexico where they are already in danger in their opinion.But that’s not really true.Their way finds the night and the bandits are forced to visit one of the roadside cafes.Then the fun begins.Since the visitors of the cafe are not quite ordinary people, but it only opens up to Richard, Seth, and their hostages after sunset.All who attended roadside a bar and seemed well a decent citizen, at night after decline of proved brutal monsters, the vampires,hungry for blood.Everyone who got into this bar will have to face the horror of the night and try to survive in these difficult conditions.Manages whether team not friends, and enemies make it until morning?Will all unite, to forget who they are and try to survive the onslaught of terrible power? Or all of them are waiting for imminent death at the hands of monsters of the night, whose teeth are directed toward the pulsating life force, blood.Same demons, vampires, or people who came here just to relax.