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“The Royals” TV series is a fantasy about royal offsprings’ lives in the modern society. An invented family that is quite powerful to be always in public, and for whom image is everything. If the elder generation manages to save face with dignity, then the younger one use all the material and non-material goods as carelessly as it can be done. Being watched and filmed, they still have many opportunities, and money that they have are still a reason of happiness and of grief. Image for royal children is important, its true. But there are so many things around them to taste, learn and experience. Can they solve their personal problems with being able to implement any of their dreams and their yachts, mansions and helicopters? Their depressions and stress disorders are like anyone else’s ones. “The Royals” TV show become the discussed topic in mass media of any kind, their actions are actively discussed and valued. For the rich and famous in London there are even more temptations because absolutely any of them can easily be allowed.