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Original Title:

Childhood's End


Science Fiction


3 nominations.




Nick Hurran


Mike Vogel, Julian McMahon, Charles Dance, Yael Stone, Daisy Betts, Ashley Zukerman, John Stanton, Steven Carroll



Fantastic TV series Childhood’s End was created on the basis of Arthur Clark’s novel. In season 1 of TV show Childhood’s End viewers will see the absolutely other world, where aliens invaded the Earth. Though, they do not intend to destroy all its inhabitants or turn them into silent slaves. Technologies of aliens outran human’s progress and achievements in hundreds of years. And the view of the “unwanted guests” differs from human one radically. They carry into the world peace and calmness, freedom from illnesses and hunger. All the planet gradually turns into the real paradise. But not everyone agrees with such a with such a matter of facts. Many people suspect that in this way the invaders try to earn trust, to disarm humanity, kill will for resistance and obtain complete power all over the Earth. What do aliens actually conceal? What do they want from people? Do they need this planet? There are far more questions than answers. But the representatives of Homo Sapiense intend to go to the very end. There are people who will risk the lives in order to find out the plans of new guests. Presidents and kings do not want to share their power. They got used to running their countries but new orders deprived them of their power. All wars are over, issues concerning illnesses and hunger are solved. Isn’t this world a wonderful one? Why do people search dark sides in it? After watching “Childhood’s End” you will know the answers too.

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