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We are assured that the wild animals would never attack a person first. Even if the human being invades native animal habitats, it will avoid meeting with person until the last moment, going further and further into the wilderness. Another thing is when the animal tastes human flesh as it is shown in the series Zoo. Then a tiger or a bear would search for the opportunity to taste human’s flash? What would happen, if such madness comes upon animals at the same time in different parts of the earth? This terrible picture is presented in the thriller Zoo, based on the plot of eponymous best-seller of American novelist James Patterson. In the center of the story is a talented biologist, still quite a young man named Jackson Oz. the academic is interested in the frequent cases of unexplained animal cruelty to humans. Oz believes that what is happening has a viral nature and hence the number of attacks will be growing exponentially. If he does not bring the situation under control, mankind will face the pandemic. And most importantly: animal behavior evolves as animals begin to show the ferocity and coordination of their actions.