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This television project, created by the efforts of American scriptwriters, is a whole series of episodes in which various genres are successfully combined. In essence, the Twilight Zone series is a fantasy line intersecting with science fiction, drama and horror. The outcome of each series is a real surprise for all the viewers. If we say more, it is thanks to this project, which can be viewed using the online mode on our network resource, many people discovered science fiction filled with abstract ideas.

In the course of viewing, viewers will face the existence of the fifth dimension, which goes far beyond human knowledge. The volumes of this measurement are so large that even the cosmos cannot be compared with it in its vastness and breadth. The only thing that can be compared with it is with infinity.

In fact, it represents a boundary zone, drawn between the stretch of light and darkness. It is here that science turns into prejudice, and human fear falls into the abyss of its knowledge.

This is about the imagination, which is the most real twilight zone, unexplored and incomprehensible to most modern scientists. Sometimes, everything that happens in it seems incredibly realistic and real. Not every person can draw a line beyond which you can stay forever.

In this picture, reality constantly intersects with the world of fiction and, quite often, everything that happens somewhere in the subconscious of one of the characters actually happens. That is why viewers do not always understand what is happening on the screens. But, as a result, everything becomes clear, thus confirming the most unexpected and daring guesses. There is no doubt that each new episode may be of interest to the widest audience, because not a single story can compare with the events taking place in a person’s head.

“The Twilight Zone” not only left a noticeable imprint in the cinema, but also influenced the entire cultural system of its time and subsequent decades. The series, breaking stereotypes in the genre. The series that gave rise to a lot of sequels and imitators. The series, inspired a lot of writers and directors to create masterpieces. The best science fiction series of all time. An explosive mixture of fiction, mysticism, detective, sardonic comedy and horror film.