BrainDead (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p

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The protagonist of the series “BrainDead” has always dreamed of getting a good job at the desired job. There’s just one catch until now, he didn’t come good enough offer. However, everything changed when a guy named hill was invited not somewhere, but in the very residence of the US President. The government is now difficult times, so the services of young professionals are in great need. Who would have thought that from the first day the main character will begin to give results. He seems to be making progress, but for some reason does not get pleasure from work. Heel sees a completely different picture of the government, not what he imagined before. Before the main character of the series it was a strange situation: the behavior of some politicians and congressmen very strange. Only then Hilo sees that the country has no controls, and all inside the White House the representatives of various spheres of social activities managed a strange virus people caused by the planet eggs of the aliens. It seems that only one frail to cope with such an invasion. He begins to develop his tactics against alien parasites, and at the same time manages the country.