American Gothic (season 1, 2, 3, 4) Download full Episodes 720p HD

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In the series “American Gothic ” a young girl named Alison Horton believes that she is capable of becoming an excellent mayor for her small town. It’s happening in Boston. The truth is that she will still participate in the race. The girl believes that she can help the middle class to become a little richer, because she is their representative. But many know that The Horton family is one of the richest in the area. In addition, the father of the main character will lead a whole plant for the production of cement. Who would have thought, that precisely the cement with a plant this human proves extremely poor-quality, that falls tunnel, from which the was built. Several victims of this accident are ordinary citizens. Now most of the voters are against Alison. And besides, the police at the scene of destruction find a strange belt which, as it turned out, once belonged to Mitchell Horton deceased head of the company. Moreover, this belt is a murder weapon, which serial killer committed several terrible crimes, which were known only to the police. Is the head of the family of Hartanov somehow involved in the murders? Rumor has it that among Alison’s associates, there is still someone who once helped Mitchell find and neutralize the victims.